For the Future of Our Planet


Tilya Ecological Social Cooperative is designed as a sustainable living space that creates campuses in harmony with nature and meets its own food needs. With the products grown with natural and ecological farming practices on the cooperative land, the ecological campus's own food needs are met and an exemplary production area is created.

The cooperative was established by a group of people that work in the fields of agriculture, sustainable development and culture & arts. They believe the power of collective effort in creating such environments. Due to the insecurity, economic and social dilemmas faced by the young population working in these fields in Turkey; It is aimed to create a new social and economic empowerment ground by including young people from all segments of the society in the workforce, with an effect that first gathers around the cooperative and then expands nationally and internationally.

What does Tilya aim for, as a team and a cooperative?

The main purpose of this social cooperative is to create an ecological habitat by considering the public interest and to create a ground where the public, private sector, civil society and academic circles in Turkey can come together. After the Paris Agreement, of which Turkey is a signatory, in the fight against climate change, an international centre is being built in line with the transformations that started in different countries of the world.

The cooperative brings people together working in different disciplines from Turkey and around the world on an ecological basis. It aims to share, produce and transform knowledge, practice and create actions together.

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