Tilya Ekolojik
Tilya Ecological Social Cooperative

As Tilya Ecological Social Cooperative we invite young people from all segments of society to create a new social and economic empowerment ground together!

Sebze satış
Garden Greens
on sale
Swiss Chard
Butterhead Lettuce
Oakleaf Lettuce
Kale, Parsley
Mixed Tilya Greens
(Baby Kale, Rucola, Mizuna, Swiss Chard, Chop Suey, Lettuce)
Every Tuesday and Thursday delivery
also in Moda, Kadıköy

To order online please
please visit our instagram page

For teachers and students
nature and horticulture workshops

At your school or at our campus in Beykoz, we show students the workings of nature,
a day trip where we tell how plants and vegetables grow from seed to harvest
You can contact us to register for the workshops.

Current Workshops

Our ongoing workshops

Introduction to Permaculture



I'm Building
My Own Garden

Sa/ ₺


Biochar’da lezzetler ve uygulama eğitimi



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You can follow us from the link below to learn about the most up-to-date training and workshops and to be informed about the latest updates..

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